artist’s housekeeper-21.12.09

*artwork-new vision, osho zen tarot


i am an artist’s housekeeper.
i always wished to be a muse,
but this will also do fine.

i come, and i arrange.
facilitate the space,
so he can create.
i feed him.
i wash his dirty dishes
and i fold his tangled clothing.
i put on his favorite music,
and light the incense
then i open the windows
to let out the smell of paint
and of dreams that will never come true

i watch him working,
and my heart is full.
i touch his mess
and i feel empowered
for it is my tiny share,
his creation is ,in a way, mine


*artwork- selfportait by stas korolov



and there he goes painting and drawing and sketching his own face again and again and again, trying to understand who he is. every single day. he doesn’t try to pretend, to make it look prettier, more appealing, more attractive. no. he wants it real. with all these lines and black spots and dry skin. he wants it real. so he paints it with oil on canvas and with ¬Ācharcoals on white sheets of paper and with an ink pen in his old notebooks. hundreds of drawings. with different facial expressions, with different lighting, with all kinds of objects and people around him. and he goes on and on and tries to find sense and meaning in this inconsistent mix of flesh and desires of bones and emotions of secretions and hopes of functioning body and dysfunctional soul.