happy new year-31.12.09

*artwork- “red couple dance” by naxart studio via fineartamerica.com


walled in comforting fears
my fruitful quest for rejection
won’t stop. i’d not give up
on you
so sweet, slap after slap
every word tastes like leather belt on my skin
leaving red marks that i collect and keep
carefully cataloged
and maintain them thoroughly.

we move, altering egos of cowardice.
my faceless men
your nameless women,
an endless fuel for
our dance of hurt and solace.

i am sorry II-23.12.09

*artwork-“the art of rejection and acceptance” by jack wallen via¬†monkeypantz.net


Mozzy  S. says:
i came here with my heart in my my hands
i came here with my mind in my mouth
but i’d leave here with my heart in my chest
and i’d leave here with my mind in my head
my tongue has so much to say
but in this land of rule it cannot find its way
my heart was pure all along
my mind was pure all along
they would stay purified
and me………….i’ll do just fine.