biodanza grenade-05.09.17


*artwork- via


biodanza melted everything

into my inability to be while with others

there, (un)disturbed and loud, it exploded

grenade of piercing realizing: 

i am so scared to not be able to love

to ever be able to care for someone

more than i care for myself

i’m terrified, that i’ll have to give up so much

for an uncertain promise to obtain.





*artwork-  via


god’s lion, he is
or god’s lamb?
my hebrew jesus crist
so close to perfect, but
merely gentle

it was like dancing
because i wasn’t
i could not feel my limbs,
i was too old, and all the same the youngest

suburbs of holiness
illusive peace of. mind?
unending touch. no words to hide in

so easy to pretend
to be
blindfolded animal.
another step on
well known ground
so firm so nonexistent.