a portrait of breastfeeding woman-3.03.17

*artwork-  “viva emptiness” album art for “katatonia” by travis smith



he was doing things over my computer
i sat besides, listening to
sounds of mouse clicks and worn out keyboard
i said “recently i feel emptied”
and he said “how come?”
so he read to me a poem he wrote
about legless junky whore who listens to Whitney Houston’s old record
i didn’t like it.
so he showed me someone else’s art
a portrait of a naked woman, having her child next to her right breast.
and her lover next to the left one.
we both shivered, slightly embarrassed
with all the taboos that stormed our heads.
and then, boom!
i laughed.
for this image envisioned, with the scariest precision, the thought that i woke up with.
i thought of all these man that i make suck on my breasts
the only thing that helps me cum.
i was thinking of all these lips and tongues that touched my nipples.
of all these heads i was pressing so hard
and caressing so gently
of all these long haired boys whose locks were covering my stomach.
are these meaningless acts of lust?
just something that gets me off?
or is it my perverted way to fulfill the motherhood that can never be accomplished any other way?
because a woman who breastfeeds can never feel empty.