sweet moses-06.12.09


he says “do you know this song” i am every woman”?yeah? so i think that i am an every man”. mossy. sweet moses.

he drinks a lot of water and likes to go to bed early. he appreciates good food. and loves to have a lot of good sex. he does not drink alcohol. he likes to be in control. also he does not smoke.

mother of his child once said to the boy “your dad may surprise you. your dad is full of surprises”. he calls her “the mother of my boy”. but she has a name. her name is michal.

mossy writes a book. about his life and about his life to be. and once in two weeks he travels all the way up north to visit eladi. for the whole weekend. mossy is a good dad.

he has some story to tell. and he likes telling it. he likes to be heard. he is the man of million faces. he laughs very loud. and he uses an expression “shut up” every time when he smells cynicism in the air.

mossy is a good man. he likes people. he is lovable. and loving. he doesn’t care to share. he has enough love inside. still, he trusts nobody.

he likes to see himself as a therapist. he was raised to face the reality, so this is what he likes doing: holding the mirror and showing the truth. he will cry with you, but he won’t let you run away. he is all about growing up. he likes to be that facilitator.

mossy’s got it going on. he is attractive. mossy is the man. girls like him a lot. often he feels like being objectified. he says “i want a girl to want me not because i am a black man, but because i am a man”.